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Auto Rolling Self-Moving Dog Toy

Auto Rolling Self-Moving Dog Toy

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Introducing our Auto Rolling Self-Moving Dog Toy – where playtime meets innovation with a wag and a roll!

Dynamic Playmate: Say goodbye to dull play sessions and hello to endless excitement! Our self-moving marvel keeps your furry friend entertained and active, whether at home or on the go.

Tail-Wagging Technology: Crafted with cutting-edge design, this toy rolls and tumbles, inviting your pup to chase, pounce, and play. The automatic movement adds an extra thrill, making playtime a dynamic adventure.

Playful Pursuits: Designed for pups who love a good game, our Auto Rolling Dog Toy encourages joyful play and exploration. Watch as your canine companion's spirit soars with each playful chase!

Fun for Every Pup: Whether you have a curious puppy or a seasoned fetch champion, our toy is the perfect playmate for dogs of all ages and sizes. Keep tails wagging and spirits high with this dynamic addition to playtime.

FetchTech Magic: Upgrade your pup's playtime with a toy that moves as much as they do! Embrace the joy of tail-chasing antics and fetch-tech magic with our Auto Rolling Self-Moving Dog Toy.

Elevate playtime with innovation and excitement – fetch your Auto Rolling Self-Moving Dog Toy now and watch your pup's joy reach new heights! 🐾✨ #RollingRoverFun #FetchTechMagic


Product Details:
Material: ABS/Silicone
Size: 4.3cm in diameter
Battery capacity: 80mAh

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