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2.5L WiFi Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

2.5L WiFi Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

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"Introducing the Smart Automatic Pet Feeder – Your Pet's Perfect Mealtime Companion!

Keep your furry friends well-fed and happy with our state-of-the-art Smart Automatic Pet Feeder. Crafted with high-quality plastic, this feeder is designed to make mealtime a breeze for both you and your pet.

Key Features:
- Convenient Capacity: With a generous capacity of 2.5 liters, our feeder ensures an ample supply of food to keep your pet satisfied throughout the day.
- Versatile Power Options: Compatible with voltage ranging from 110V to 240V and powered by a 5V/1A adapter, our feeder offers flexibility and convenience to suit your needs.
- Precision Feeding: Equipped with adjustable settings, our feeder allows you to control the minimum and maximum output of food, ensuring accurate portioning tailored to your pet's needs.
- Smart Technology: Pair our feeder with the accompanying app for seamless control and monitoring of your pet's feeding schedule. (Please note: The app functionality is currently limited to use within China.)
- Easy to Use: Simply set up the feeder, adjust the settings to your preferences, and let our feeder take care of the rest – giving you more time to enjoy quality moments with your pet.

- Material: Plastic
- Capacity: 2.5L
- Voltage: 110-240V
- Power: 5V/1A
- Min Output: 50g
- Max Output: 100g

Ensure your pet is always well-fed and cared for with our Smart Automatic Pet Feeder. Embrace convenience and peace of mind with every mealtime!"

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